fathima21's Profile

Age: 29

City: Kohilawatta

State/Province: Western

Country: Sri Lanka

Education: Associates degree

Religion: Islam - Sunni

Career: Teacher/Lecturer

Marital Status: Separated/Divorced

Profile Rating: 4.59/5

Assalamu alaikum w w. I'm a very simple person with a good heart and values. I obey Allah's path and always want my partner to be the same. Life is short, so we need to live according to Allah's will as we all want to win the Jannah. So, I need a person who will take me also with him. According to my heart, I expect my partner to be a gentleman and a good caring person since I lost a husband's love, care, and affection, which made me find all those qualities from a good person now. Those who value me and trust me are welcome to express interest.