muhammed1's Profile

Age: 40

City: Colombo

State/Province: Western

Country: Sri Lanka

Education: Ask me later

Religion: Islam

Career: Logistics/Warehouse

Marital Status: Married

Profile Rating: 3.5/5

I Am Looking For Someone Who Is Mature Enough To Recognize That Life Is Not Always All About You And What Feels Good For You In The Moment. If You Are Married And Have Children, You Have An Obligation And A Commitment That Far Transcends What Feels Good. I Don't Want Myself To Compare With Others And I Simply Respect Those Who Respect Me.

I Do Not Like To Play With The Feelings Of Others, And Therefore In Most Cases Mince Matters More, As I Feel With My Heart And Prefer To Say Things Openly And I Am Not To Judge The Lives Of Others. In Short In Honest, Loyal, Caring, Loving, Understanding, Kind And Trustworthy. I Believe In The Motto" Live And Let Live" Never Give Up In Life. I Try To Strive To Achieve More. I Can Describe Myself As A Successful Person. I Love Traveling And Explore New Things. My Kids Are My Life And Biggest Inspiration To My Everyday Life. If There Is Anything More You Want To Know About Me Just Ask Me .

Pls Don't Contact Me To Just For Fun Fantasy. I Do Not Have Time For Those .. Thank You