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npacmb's Profile

Age: 45

City: Vaihingen an der Enz

State/Province: Baden-Wurttemberg

Country: Germany

Education: Professional qualification

Religion: Islam - Sufism

Career: Public/Customer Relations

Marital Status: Separated/Divorced

Profile Rating: 2.5/5

Easy to rapport , hard to forget

Bismillah ..

Thank you for dropping by!

A bit about myself:
I believe I’m easy to befriend, get along with and to strike up and engage in a conversation with. I wear my heart on my sleeve so what you see is what you get - No mind games or reading between the lines with me as I think life is too short and we should act with a sense of maturity and responsibility in our interactions, without holding on to our ego. I try to be the first to resume talking if we argue ;-) I like to discuss, debate, analyse and even agree to disagree respectfully if need be.

We are mere mortals and as such are prone to the trials and tribulations of dunya and Aakhirah. We should make duaa seeking Allah’s Mercy to protect us from painful and embarrassing tests, yet if He does, we ask that He gives us the strength, to bear the pain, face the challenges and learn the lessons with patience and gratitude and utmost humility, all the while asking that He purify us and bring us closer to Him with each test. After all, Allah has promised us that He will only test us with what we can bear.

I look forward to growing old with my future spouse, but still being young at heart, as we sit side by side on two rocking chairs when we are very old but still crave each other’s companionship, long after the desires of the flesh have subsided and relishing and reminiscing the memories we will create together thanks to

I am not selfish to wake you up from a deep sleep to serve me food when i come home, but I am happy to watch you closely with a smile at how peacefully you sleep after a tired days work

Come on lets grab each other and cook together, hold the ladder till i paint the roof, relish the food i made when u were asleep, lets laugh together, where we can overcome many obstacles and forget bitterness !

Let us seek Allah’s Mercy, His Forgiveness, His Guidance to the Straight Path, His Miraculous Cures and His Protection and seek to strengthen our Imaan, Taqwa, Sabr, Tawakkul, khushoo and face each test with contentment and gratitude and complete submission to His Will and Decree.

My Hobbies/Past-times:
Script writing, Promoting Human/Minority Rights, Bathroom Singer, Enjoy reading poetry

A Husband and wife relationship is sacred - Initially starting off as a friendship, a bond where both spouses mutually respect, share, offer, reciprocate, appreciate each other and there after progressively striving to unconditionally fulfill each others needs & desires without prejudice.

There are no couples on earth without disagreements but those disputes should always rule for reasons, not for personal ego. No marriage is perfect. The worlds happiest couples never have the same character, they have the best understanding and tolerance of their differences.

When there is "respect", “love, care and affection”,”passion and compassion”,"accountability” and “trust, loyalty and honesty ” in a relationship, a strong foundation is formed for the marriage which will see the couple through good and bad.

No one is perfect, but are we perfect for each other is I guess, what we need to figure out as we initiate communication with each other through this site.

I believe that a healthy marriage is one in which both husband and wife work together to nurture each other to grow individually as well as together, supporting and enabling one another to achieve our optimum potential as a husband, as a wife, as father, as a mother, as a family, as a son, as a daughter, as brother and a sister, enabling us to fulfil all those roles in our personal lives and even in each other’s professional lives, as decreed by Allah’s will.

In addition to fulfilling my Islamic duties expected of me as a husband, I would hope that together we could strive to satisfy each other emotionally, physically, spiritually and to be each other’s strength and comfort throughout our marriage.

May we all be fortunate enough to find spouses in this search we have embarked upon.

Wish u all the best

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