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Our Sri Lanka based dedicated Muslim matrimonial website has tens of thousands of like-minded Muslim Singles from Sri Lanka - all looking to find real love.

Safety & Privacy is our top priority. We check each and every profile to ensure the right people are on our site.

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Sri lankan muslim Matrimony Website - Nikah

  • Most trusted website for the Muslim Marriage Proposals and Sri lankan muslim Matrimonial in Sri lanka. We offer Services that deepen the trust of our members with strictly restricting to serious relationships only.

  • Innovation in Online Matrimony, Since 2017, Nikah has touch over 90,000+ hearts. Join us today & Start your incredible journey to find a partner. Our leadership position is only to serve you better.

  • Nikah is for everyone, Whether you are parent looking for a marriage proposals, whether you are a brother looking to help your unmarried brother/sister, Whether you are a friend who is trying to help your best mate, or even if you are along looking to get married.

  • Nikah provides a pleasant, satisfying, and superior matchmaking experience to our members while zealously protecting their privacy and security. Every aspect of our site has been constructed with secure matrimonial as the central focus.

  • We don't promise you the "Sun and the Moon" like other websites. We provide a process that is based on respect and professionalism, and that does not compromise your privacy.

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