ahmednawshad's Profile

Age: 26

City: Sharjah

State/Province: Sharjah

Country: United Arab Emirates

Education: Professional qualification

Religion: Islam - Sufism

Career: IT/Telecommunications

Marital Status: Never Married

Profile Rating: 3/5

Hello! I'm a family-oriented person who cherishes the bond I share with my three brothers. Even though we may be scattered across the globe, we remain deeply connected at heart. I'm open to the idea of moving to another country, as I believe life is an adventure and I'm ready to explore new cultures and experiences.

While I'm not much of a social butterfly, I do have a few hobbies that keep me busy. I enjoy playing cricket, spending quality time with my family, and I have a passion for making a difference in my community through social work. When it comes to my culinary preferences, nothing beats a comforting bowl of rice and curry.

As for my future partner, I don't have any specific preferences when it comes to their profession. I believe in supporting my partner in their career choices, as long as it brings them joy and fulfillment. Furthermore, I don't have a fixed idea about my ideal living situation. I'm open to discussion and compromise to ensure we both feel comfortable and content in our shared space.

In terms of life-changing experiences, I can't pinpoint a particular moment. But I believe in the cumulative effect of everyday experiences that shape us into the individuals we become.

Looking forward to beginning this new adventure and finding someone who values family as much as I do.