farwin's Profile

Age: 42

City: Colombo

State/Province: Western Province

Country: Sri Lanka

Education: Masters degree

Religion: Islam - Sunni

Career: Unemployed/Housewife

Marital Status: Separated/Divorced

Profile Rating: 3/5

Hello there! I am someone who is looking for a friendship that could blossom into something more, ideally leading to marriage. I hold education in high regard, so I value a partner who shares the same sentiment. While I enjoy an occasional social event, I appreciate quieter moments too. In terms of physical appearance, it does play a role in attraction for me.

The most important quality I seek in a life partner though is honesty. I believe this is the foundation of any lasting relationship. As for myself, I've completed my MBA, an accomplishment I take pride in. It reflects my commitment and dedication, traits I'd bring into a relationship as well.

Although I'm not particularly passionate about any specific type of music, I'm open to exploring different genres. As for my hobbies and interests, I prefer to share these later as we get to know each other better. I look forward to learning about you and your interests as well.

Lastly, I believe communication is key in any relationship.