fathimaa's Profile

Age: 24

City: Colombo

State/Province: Western

Country: Sri Lanka

Education: Bachelors degree

Religion: Islam - Sunni

Career: Engineering/Architecture

Marital Status: Never Married

Profile Rating: 5/5

Salam! Seeking a Devout, Respectable, and an Educated Partner for Our Daughter. We are delighted to introduce our daughter, who is currently pursuing her engineering degree. As a family, we value religious devotion, respect, and education, and we are looking for a life partner for her who shares these same ideals. Our daughter is a bright and an ambitious young girl with a strong commitment to her academics. Currently she's working as an Asst. Lecturer at the same University. We envision her ideal partner to be a well-educated individual who possesses a strong sense of devotion to their faith, as well as a deep-rooted respect for family values. It is important that her future spouse is supportive, understanding, and ambitious, with a dedication to their personal and professional growth. As a family, we are excited to welcome a new member who will not only be a loving and supportive life partner for our daughter but also a cherished addition to our close-knit family. If you believe that you or someone you know may be a suitable match for our daughter, we would be delighted to hear from you and explore the possibility of a beautiful, lifelong partnership. Jazzakallahu Khairan