flower's Profile

Age: 20

City: Tarneit

State/Province: Victoria

Country: Australia

Education: Bachelors degree

Religion: Islam - Sunni

Career: Health Care/Nurse

Marital Status: Never Married

Profile Rating: 3/5

We are Srilankan Moors, residing in Australia. We are looking for a groom who is willing to relocate and settle down in Australia. Education: Bachelor of Psychology(Hons) -3rd year. Part time-Work: Mentor at a private School. Religious Observations: Prays five times, Recites Quran well. Conscious of living an Islamic life style. Daughter's Personality: Enjoys reading and art. Volunteers & work for charity organisations - travels Locally, Interstate & Overseas with School Mentors. Engages in Self development, Leadership & Islamic programs. Enjoys meeting people & has a happy personality. Goal Oriented & self driven. Open Minded/ Kind/Loving. Expectations of the Groom: Pursuing a Medical Degree. Preferred Age 26 or below who is Establishes 5 daily prayers, recites Quran well. Conscious of leading and living an Islamic life style. Well groomed, Physically fit & handsome. Articulate thoughts & feelings well. Enjoys going out, travelling and meeting people. Displays maturity & humour. Goal orientated, self growth mindset. English speaking, open minded, kind and supportive family. Practicing Sunni Muslim family with Islamic values.