mnaiem's Profile

Age: 31

City: Kurunegala

State/Province: North Western Province

Country: Sri Lanka

Education: Bachelors degree

Religion: Islam

Career: Other/Self Employed

Marital Status: Separated/Divorced

Profile Rating: 3/5

Hello there!
I am Aviation Security Professional who based in Iraq amd working for a International Airport for almost 2 years now with International Recognized Accreditation.
Got my Bachelor’s in Business Management. But moved to Aviation Security sector startinh from Kuwait.
Planinh to move to Singapore ASAP.

Divorced with a short period of marriage due to some issue which caused me move. It was not what I was hoping for and it was totally a disaster. That marriage almost ruined my career as well.

I'm on a pursuit of friendship, leading ultimately to marriage. As a spiritual person, it's somewhat important to me that my partner shares my spiritual beliefs, though I'm open to understanding and appreciating their perspectives. I envision a peaceful suburban life with my better half, where we can build our dreams together.

I'm drawn to someone who's ambiverted, a blend of extroversion and introversion, just like me. I believe in the power of trust, open communication, mutual respect, empathy, and shared values to make a relationship strong and lasting. I feel these qualities form the bedrock of a harmonious partnership, fostering understanding and support for one another.

Foodies rejoice! I am a lover of all types of food, provided it's a balanced diet. A great meal for me is a perfect blend of taste and health.

One of my most memorable experiences was realizing the importance of having a strong relationship in my life. This life-changing epiphany has taught me to value relationships and make decisions that prioritize happiness and fulfillment over suffering.

In my leisure time, you'll find me either engrossed in a cricket match, delving into a good book, or enjoying a riveting movie. These interests keep me grounded and give me a break from the rigors of everyday life.

As an individual, I am career-oriented, but I strongly believe in maintaining a harmonious balance between professional and personal life. This balance is crucial in leading