mohomedmoin's Profile

Age: 38

City: Katugastota

State/Province: Central Province

Country: Sri Lanka

Education: Ask me later

Religion: Islam

Career: Other/Self Employed

Marital Status: Widowed/Annulled

Profile Rating: 3/5

Hello there! I'm a person who's ready for commitment and looking for a marriage proposal. While I am comfortable with my surroundings and not looking to relocate, I am open to meeting someone from any corner of the world, as long as they have a creative spark.

To me, work that allows for creativity is exciting and inspiring, and I'd love to meet someone who shares that sentiment. When it comes to living situations, I have no specific preferences. I'm flexible and willing to adapt to different environments.

While family doesn't play a significant role in my life, I respect the importance it holds for others. I'm not picky about food, and I enjoy trying out various cuisines.

My life may not be filled with extraordinary adventures, but it is filled with peace and tranquility. My top three interests include reading the Quran, Zikkir, and swimming. These activities hold a special place in my life and help me maintain inner peace.

If you resonate with my perspe