rimas344's Profile

Age: 26

City: Colombo

State/Province: Western Province

Country: Sri Lanka

Education: Ask me later

Religion: Islam

Career: Other/Self Employed

Marital Status: Never Married

Profile Rating: 3/5

Hello! I'm a down-to-earth individual, seeking a long-term relationship with someone who values the depth of character over physical appearance. While I'm not looking to relocate, I'm open to forming connections everywhere. My ideal living situation is flexible; I believe it's not where you are, but who you're with that truly matters.

In a partner, I'm drawn to goodness; a kind and compassionate heart is what wins me over. I'm eager to learn new things and grow together in our shared journey. When I'm not exploring the world of dating, you'll find me enjoying a good TV show, playing cricket, or lost in the world of music.

However, it seems like some of your responses are a bit unclear. To make your profile more engaging and attractive, could you please provide more detailed answers to the questions about a memorable or life-changing experience, something you've always wanted to learn or try, and anything important you would like to add to your profile? This would help potential matches know more about you and your personality.